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The present training program has been specially designed to provide a thorough knowledge on the impact of Assistive Technology (AT) in persons with disabilities and it addresses its contribution to differently abled children and adults with Dyslexia, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADD or ADHD, with Intellectual Challenges, with Severe Learning Difficulties, with Motor Control Problems, children who are Slow Learners or are Communicatively impaired, persons who are hearing or visually impaired and generally persons who need a different approach and tools to support them.

The program provides many opportunities with lots of practical examples and case studies rather than been theoretical and will cover a big series of issues and topics with emphasis on the implementation, the use and contribution of AT. The trainees will realize that there is strong justification for the use of AT, learn of terms and definitions, work with special devices and special software (demonstration and hands-on experiences), acquire skills of basic assessment procedures and tools and will become able to integrate AT into the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) of the student/child.


Duration of training: 5 consecutive days, 6 hours daily.
Note: Trainees will be given a free, fully functioning in Arabic, software called SALAM (Speech and Language Acquisition Method).

Language of training: Arabic and/or English, based on participants preference.

Date: 23 – 27 May 2021

Venue: Corp Hotel, Amman – Jordan


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For more information: Find attached Full Brochure: 

in Arabic: Assistive Technology Training Program - Arabic 

 in English: Assistive Technology Training Program - English

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