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Post-Project Evaluation

Our aim is to Monitor and Evaluate (M&E) Programs and Grants funded by UN agencies, International NGOs or any other international Organization, in order to identify to what extent the projects achievements catered for the vulnerable in the targeted Governorates. To meet with the implementing partner, direct beneficiaries, indirect beneficiaries, related local authorities and other NGOs operating in the same areas, in order to identify and evaluate the performance of the implementing partner and cost-effectiveness of the grants, to measure the relevance, validity, appropriateness, performance, impact, sustainability, connectedness, efficiency and other specific elements of these grants as well as to present recommendations for future plans.


Needs Assessment

To carry out needs assessment on behalf of donors to identity the political situation, social environment, economic conditions and security situation that could affect the project implementation, as well as identifying expected stakeholders, beneficiaries and locations that will benefit from the project activities.

Training and Capacity Building Programs

Our training methods are hands-on and participatory, focusing on exercises which reinforce learning methods. Our staff is recognized for the effective use of new approaches such as group work, peer research, learner-led presentations, stimulation games, field visits, role play and team work. The training component of SRD Consultants focuses on building the capacity of managerial and social development practitioner, government officials, NGOs as well as individuals. We aim to provide quality training, research and consultancies to contribute to the increase of social integration of vulnerable people, as well as to enhance equal access of opportunities for all individuals.

Monitoring and Evaluation

 Hospitals, Water Well Projects, Schools, Shelters, Rehabilitation Projects

SRD investigation teams have excellent experience in M&E of Hospitals, public health centres, school buildings and reconstruction works as well as Improvement of the hospital’s physical condition and equipment, evaluating supplying the local community with medical supplies, support comprehensive education sector quality reforms including encouragement of the participation of children, parents and society at large in the education reform processes, promoting greater participation of community/parents/children in the development of education, enhancing educational access for the most vulnerable school age population, particularly girls.

M&E Marshland Restoration Projects, Water Treatment Units, Sanitation and other Public Facilities Construction and Rehabilitation Projects

SRD investigation teams have excellent experience in M&E the Rehabilitation and Support Structures for water and sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, water and sewage testing facilities, rural water and sanitation systems, increasing accessibility to potable water in urban areas, increasing sewage treatment capacities and access to urban sewerage systems, increasing access to sanitation services in rural areas, and contributing to improvements in management efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, SRD Consultants have excellent engineering and mechanical experience in M&E Marshlands restoration projects and Programs aiming to reduce pollution and bacteria levels in the marshes , improvement of the environment and increasing fish reserves


Surveys and Social Studies

Upon the request of many international organizations, we have the experienced staff, methodology, connectivity and availability in most of the Iraqi governorates to conduct studies and surveys, targeting special segments of the society such as pregnant women, IDPs (Internal displaced persons), veterans, unemployed and many others groups and to come up with conclusions and recommendations on how to best address the problems and needs of these vulnerable groups.

Humanitarian Emergency Projects (Food and Non-Food Distribution and Winterization)

In the event that the war continues for some time and lack of food or water, or the threat of violence makes it impossible for Iraqis to remain in their homes, we aim to guarantee that IDPs and vulnerable groups have access to basic, life-sustaining resources in ways that meet the accepted international standards in the areas of shelter, food and water supplies, and emergency aid.


Women and Child Care Projects

Provide women, pregnant women, children and survivors of war, civil strife or other conflicts, with the tools and resources to move outside the crisis area and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies, providing much needed educational and economic opportunities, as well as social services as follow:

• Vocational Training and Programs (literacy training, computer training and career counseling).

•Health Awareness Programs including the need for vaccinations, clean drinking water and hygiene.

• Focus on infant and child health and reducing infant mortality rates. Maternal Child Health Programs, Equipment acquisition and installation, and Medical Surveillance.

• Rights awareness, elections, campaigning, and general advocacy and democracy training.

•  Income Generation skills for small Business projects.

• Social Services Referral (legal aid and benefits counseling, referral to police and shelter systems in cases of abuse).

•  Promote the role of woman in Democracy & Development.

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