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Integrity and Anti-Corruption Curriculum

UNDP, 2013
Anti-Corruption Curricula in primary and secondary schools – working sessions took place with UNDP, experts from SRD Center, and representatives from the Iraqi Ministries of Education (Federal and KR-I) and the Commission of Integrity on 20th August where need assessment, methodology and work-plan was agreed[1].

The final curriculum covered all learning subjects including mathematics, science, languages, civic education, history, geography and religious education. A technical committee of specialist was established and assigned for each school subject from the Ministry of Education (Federal and KR-I). The participants agreed that the curriculum is seen as the overall educational experiences that will be made available for children, including textbook, teacher and classroom teaching and extra-curricular activities, which will be planned and supervised by the school.

The final deliverable of this project was a Reference Guide that includes extracurricular activities – to promote the values of integrity and anti-corruption in the school curriculum that targeting school students and teachers. The new curriculum was not be produced as a separate learning subject as the current school timetable cannot accommodate any new topics as it will overburden the students.


Based on the agreed work-plan, a survey on all subjects at primary and secondary school levels took place to identify existing material on integrity, accountability and transparency. The result of the survey used to enhance the existing curriculum and introduce further material and extra-curricular activities for identified topics.


[1] Supporting Iraqi Compliance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and Combating Corruption at the Governorate Level, 2011.

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