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1. Title of the Project: Educating Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan


2. Location and duration of the project:


Location: Irbid Governorate, North of Jordan

Duration: 6 months


3. Project Abstract:


This proposal responds to the immediate needs of Syrian refugee children (SRC) in Jordan while building long-term capacity of Jordan Ministry of Education through the provision of a remedial education and psychosocial support for SRC to ensure that children can learn and play with their peers promoting peace building and integration with their peers.


 SRD Center proposes a comprehensive project to address obstacles to SRC in high refugee areas in two selected schools in Jordan, as well as the out-of-school refugee children in the corresponding neighborhoods, with three tiers of assistance: 1) provision of remedial classes for 60 refugee and host-community children, in order to promote retention and grade-level performance; 2) provision of an Accelerated Learning Programs (ALP) to enable 40 out-of-school Syrian children in these areas to return to formal schooling; and 3) provision of educational resources, and community outreach to facilitate access and enrollment of out-of-school children, and to accommodate children with learning difficulties and special needs.


Teachers and school administrators will be trained to build their capacity to lead remedial and ALP, as well as to better address the special needs of SRC. With a strong background in education programming worldwide, experience with refugees in the region, SRD Center is well placed to successfully carry out this project to enable more SRC to access education and improve their future opportunities and wellbeing.


* If you are interested in this proposal, please contact Mr. Khalid Sewiti, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Project Title: Provision of School Curriculum in the Anti-Corruption Programme/Professional Service Contract

Donor: UNDP

Year: 2012


Project Title: Real-Time Evaluation of the UNHCR Shelter Response in Iraq

Donor: UNHCR

Year: 2010


Project Title: Evaluation of UNFPA Project (Y-PEER: Strengthening and Expanding Capacity for Delivery of High Quality Peer Education Systems in Arab States, Eastern Europe and Central Asia) and Implementing Regional Strategic Action Framework for Empowering Women and HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Arab States)

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Donor: UNFAO

Year: 2008


Project Title: Education for Sustainable Future


Year: 2008

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