Land and Loan for Women


Land and Loan for Women

Yesterday a woman of my relatives passed away. In the evening, I visited their family who lives in north Jordan, but I did not find her brothers at the house. When I asked where they are, I discovered that they did not talk to her since years ago because she claimed her rights in the heritage.

Women’s inability to access their rights to land and inheritance in Arab countries is one area that puts women at heightened risk, perpetuates and deepens their poverty and often leads to a downward spiral of lost economic opportunities, reduced security, higher dependence on male relatives and an increase in the number of orphans. Many women in Arab countries are still experience a general pattern of discrimination in accessing and securing these rights because of norms and traditions that reinforce gender inequalities. On the contrary, it is easily to observe that women who own property or a business have higher incomes, a secure place to live, and greater bargaining power within their household, which lower rates of domestic violence. Owning land can help women improve economic security.

I believe we should not only advocate for women’s’ land right, but also for getting a housing grant or loan to build a house on that land. Well design and implementation of this proposal may lead to increase the construction activities in the area and improve the living conditions of women and their families.

Qasem Newashi

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