Strengthening Labour Market Assessment Skills in Iraq

Within the framework of the project ‘Bolstering Reconstruction in Iraq through Development, Growth and Employment (BRIDGE)’, World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and Canadian Leaders in International Consulting (CLIC) have commissioned the consultant (Qasem Alnewashi) to develop and deliver a training and mentoring program to build the capacity of VTCs and project stakeholders to conduct rapid gender-sensitive labor market assessments in their areas. This comes as part of enhancing the institutional processes among the TVET stakeholders to ensure that their training programs are relevant to labor market needs and respond to changes in the job market. A training workshop to strengthening the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of 21 participants form MoLSA and Vocational and Technical Centers in Iraq. The training workshop conducted during the period from 22 November to 2 December 2020 at Canyon Hotel in Erbil, Amman.

As a general conclusion, it is clear that LMA Training can be challenging, particularly for most of the participants who never contributed in LMA activity. While during the workshop and when the participants have discovered that LMA can bring a lot of benefits to their work and help them carry out their responsibilities, as the approaches and mechanism of implementing LMA in the field is flexible, customizable, and can be much easy when they know-how to use information and communication technologies in LMA activities.


Key Training Sessions

During the ten-day workshop, the trainer delivered a series of training sessions in order to improve the participants skills on how to make the most of LMA training. The main topics that have been delivered: 

  • Why Conduct a Labor Market Assessment? 
  • Advantages and Challenges of Participatory Assessment 
  • Developing a Methodology and Scope 
  • Methodology and Scope Template
  • Selecting the Right Tools
  • Tool Design and Testing
  • Drafting data collection tools:
  1. Consumer Needs Analysis Protocol for Heads of Households
  2. Employers Semi-Structured Interview Protocol (Small Businesses)
  3. Employers Semi-Structured Interview Protocol (Medium and Large Companies)
  4. Women in Work Interview (employed now or previously)
  5. KIIs Semi-Structured Interview Protocol
  6. Structured Questionnaire for Individual Interviews
  • Mapping Form for Vocational Education and Training Providers
  • How to use online platforms to collect data, such as Kobo Toolbox
  • Sampling and sample size
  • Pre‐Assessment Planning
  • Conducting a Daily Debrief
  • Private Sector Daily Mapping
  • How to talk and interact with the Private Sector (interview skills and protocol)
  • Tips for Conducting a Focus Group Discussion
  • Tips for Conducting an Employer Survey
  • Data analysis framework
  • LMA reporting
  • Drafting Work Plans for each governorate
  • Review and finalize the LMA Guidebook

 By: Qasem Newashi

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