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End of Project Evaluation

We conduct rigorous impact evaluations of humanitarian and development programs to determine their effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability and to provide recommendations, identifying promising practices for learning. Based on OECD DAC evaluation criteria, our experts design experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations using qualitative and quantitative research methods to test what approaches work best and why. SRD Center also conducts large-scale surveys to assess development indicators or to inform program and evaluation design.



Labor Market Assessment

SRD Center assesses existing skills and opportunities in the labor market to help organizations tailor trainings and other livelihoods interventions. Special consideration is given to special needs for supporting women and men from urban and rural settings particularly young women, returning migrant workers, young workers in rural economies, refugees, persons with disabilities, and other groups with special needs.

SRD Center conducts labor market assessments for livelihoods protection and youth employment programs in response to poverty and unemployment in refugees and other vulnerable communities. Our labor market assessment approach focuses on:

  • Major changes in employment demand in target populations
  • Skills development / Vocational Training to align it with changing labour market demands.
  • Enterprise resilience and development: analyze effects of conflicts and COVID-19 economic consequences on business environment - both for the existing Enterprises as well as for new business start-ups, assess the new opportunities, challenges and identify solutions to support young entrepreneurs for starting their enterprising activities.
  • Employments through Employment-Intensive approaches: analyze the most vulnerable groups and identify avenues to start ‘employment-intensive approaches’ in different economic sectors including agriculture, construction, sanitary infrastructure, community service, health/education service, care-economy, livelihoods, and others - for offering short-to medium term employments to the vulnerable groups.



Training Courses

SRD Center provides innovative training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of humanitarian response and development programs to multiple UN agencies, INGOs, foundations, and NGOs. We employ a full range of strategic planning, monitoring, and organizational development tools to help our clients manage for results. Using a collaborative approach, we design implementation plans, establish and track performance metrics, and build human and institutional capacity to advance development effectiveness. Our training courses are available in an online format and on-site (in Amman – Jordan), and in two languages: English and Arabic. We deliver our online courses via Zoom Pro and Interactive Webinar Workshops to facilitate learning, business like and enjoyable in style and nature with lots of examples, case histories, problem solving exercises and useful ‘tips & tools’ from experienced practitioners in this field.



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