Assistive Technology: A Better Quality of Life for Children with Disabilities


Training Course 

Format: Available in both format: Online and On-Site (in Amman – Jordan)

Duration: This is a 6-day online; 4-day on-site training course.

Language: Available in both English and Arabic


The present training course has been specially designed to provide a thorough knowledge and skills on the impact of Assistive Technology (AT) on children with disabilities and it addresses its contribution to differently abled children and adults with Dyslexia, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADD or ADHD, Intellectual Challenges, Severe Learning Difficulties, Motor Control Problems, Slow Learners or are Communicatively impaired, children who are hearing or visually impaired and generally children who need a different approach and tools to support them.

Program Content

The program provides many opportunities with lots of practical examples and case studies rather than been theoretical and will cover a big series of issues and topics with emphasis on the implementation, the use and contribution of AT. The trainees will realize that there is strong justification for the use of AT, learn of terms and definitions, work with special devices and special software (demonstration and hands-on experiences), acquire skills of basic assessment procedures and tools and will become able to integrate AT into the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) of the student/child.

Assistive Technology Tools covered in the Training:

  1. Educational robots with two mats
  2. Talking wall
  3. Sequence bar
  4. Talking album
  5. Talking dice
  6. Attention tracker
  7. Educational robot and mats for the robot
  8. Switches
  9. Computer switch interfaces
  10. Special keyboard, with large buttons
  11. A keyguard
  12. Big ball mouse
  13. Special joystick
  14. Big talking button
  15. Talking buttons on one base
  16. Talking pens
  17. Briefcase communication device
  18. Mounting arm with base and Velcro
  19. Communication device with cells
  20. Communication device with 44 buttons
  21. Communication device with 30 buttons
  22. Communication device with 10 buttons
  23. Clever tiles
  24. Video magnifier for the Low vision children
  25. Memory cards set
  26. Talking buttons
  27. Keyboard labels
  28. Attention tracker
  29. Irlen transparencies
  30. Adapted toys
  31. Battery contacts
  32. Eye tracking (low tech)
  33. Switches
  34. Interfaces
  35. Talking bee


Note: Trainees will be given a free, fully functioning in Arabic, software called SALAM (Speech and Language Acquisition Method).

Language of training: Arabic and/or English, based on participants preference.


How to register:

Registration From



For Online course: USD 350, covers 6-day training course, inclusive of applications and certificate.


For On-Site course: USD 550, covers 5-day training course, inclusive of venue cost, coffee breaks, lunch, stationeries, applications, and certificate.


How to Apply


Registration Form


NB: When 10 participants or more registered we will contact you to agree on the date of the course.


Have questions or interested in connecting with a member of the SRD Centre team? Contact us at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For more information: SRD Center website

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