Non-Formal Education Program

The non-formal education (NFE) program offers alternative opportunities to formal education for out-of-school children, adolescents, and youth, as well as for learners who have learning difficulties.

Through the NFE program, SRD Center provides a flexible, responsive education that is better suited to the unique circumstances of disadvantaged groups in Jordan, Iraq, and Syria, and it enables them to continue or complete missed education and to build necessary life and professional skills and vocational education.

Catch-Up Education Program (Targets: Out-of-school children who missed two academic years or less).

A short-term accelerated education programme for children who had been attending school prior to an educational disruption, which provides children with the opportunity to learn content missed because of the disruption and supports their re-entry to the basic formal education system (grades 1 to 6).

Remedial Classes (Targets: Children who already enrolled in public schools but failing in one or more of the key learning subjects).

Additional targeted support, concurrent with regular classes, for students who require short-term content or skill support to succeed in regular formal programming and to avoid the risk of dropping out of school. These classes usually cover key learning subjects such as Arabic language, English language, and mathematics for both elementary and secondary education levels.


Accelerated Education Programme (Targets: Out-of-school children who missed more than two academic years).

Approaches to teaching and learning, informed by research in the cognitive and neurosciences, that provide more engaged, proficient and faster development of learned knowledge and basic skills. Upon graduation, the learner receives a certificate to enable him/her to attend vocation training and education programs. If the age of the learner is greater than 18 years old, then we call it Literacy program.


Psychosocial Support and Healing Classrooms 


Training Courses

SRD Center provides innovative training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of humanitarian response and development programs to multiple UN agencies, INGOs, foundations, and NGOs. We employ a full range of strategic planning, monitoring, and organizational development tools to help our clients manage for results. Using a collaborative approach, we design implementation plans, establish and track performance metrics, and build human and institutional capacity to advance development effectiveness. Our training courses are available in an online format and on-site (in Amman – Jordan), and in two languages: English and Arabic. We deliver our online courses via Zoom Pro and Interactive Webinar Workshops to facilitate learning, business like and enjoyable in style and nature with lots of examples, case histories, problem solving exercises and useful ‘tips & tools’ from experienced practitioners in this field.


Vocational education

SRD Center specialized in designing and delivering the following vocational training courses:

Medical Office Admin (MOA) training curriculum: consists of 4 topics:

Unit 1 MOA: Coordination of procedures for receiving visitors/patients

Unit 2 MOA: Medical Imaging and tests

Unit 3 MOA: Patient admission and discharge procedures

Unit 4 MOA: Information and Communication Technologies for medical purposes


Healthcare of Elderly People training curriculum (HSW): consists of 5 units:

Unit 1 HSW: Healthcare Concepts for elderly People

Unit 2 HSW: Effective Communication and Professional Practices

Unit 3 HSW: Common health challenges in older people

Unit 4 HSW: Personal care for the elderly people

Unit 5 HSW: Health care for elderly people


Medical Items Delivery Agent training curriculum (MID): consists of 5 units:

Unit 1 MID: Patients and people with disabilities

Unit 2 MID: medical confidential documents

Unit 3 MID: medical wastes

Unit 4 MID: medical materials (medicines, drugs, blood, etc.)

Unit 5 MID: Communication skills



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